Hale and Hearty Soup 49th & 7th We are currently closed, but you may order in advance.
October 20, 2014
Mon-Fri 10:30am-7:00pm
Sat-Sun 11:00am-5:00pm

TEL: (212) 221-9666
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VegetableLow FatDairy Black Lentil with Tuscan Kale (w/half sandwich) - $7.79 - Exotic black lentils and deliciously healthy Tuscan Kale are enhanced by a dash of balsamic vinegar in this vegetarian soup.
Dairy Boston Baked Beans w/Smoked Sausage (w/hlf sand) - $7.79 - Thick, rich and satisfying. This is our soup version of the classic American side dish. Contains kielbasa
Crab Bisque (w/half sandwich) - $8.99 - This is a classic creamy bisque with intense crab flavor.
Cream of Chicken with Rice (w/half sandwich) - $7.99 - This is a delicious creamy soup loaded with chunks of white meat chicken, rice, peas and fresh chives.
Creamy Tomato with Pasta & Meatballs (w/half sand) - $8.59 - This creamy tomato soup with round pasta O's and mini meatballs will take you back to your childhood but leave a better taste in your mouth!
Macaroni and Cheese with Beef (w/half sandwich) - $8.59 - A rich and creamy soup version of a classic American dish. This soup is loaded with ground beef, macaroni and the finest aged Vermont cheddar.
Low Fat Mushroom Artichoke (w/half sandwich) - $8.59 - A French style wild mushroom soup with large pieces of sliced artichokes and fresh herbs.
Monthly Specials New England Clam Chowder (w/half sandwich) - $7.99 - Our version of this classic New England style chowder. It is thick and creamy, and loaded with diced potatoes and minced clams. Contains pancetta
Monthly Specials Old Fashioned Chicken Dumpling (w/half sandwich) - $7.99 - Our version of this classic pairing of chicken and dumplings.
VegetableLow FatDairy Pasta E Fagioli (w/half sandwich) - $7.09 - This classic Italian soup is made with ripe tomatoes, luscious red kidney beans simmered together, then we add pasta. Some times the simple things in life are the best!.
Potato with Sweet Italian Sausage (w/half sand) - $7.79 - A simple and wonderful combination of diced potatoes and sweet Italian sausage; this soup is thick and hearty.
Sweet Corn & Tomato Chowder (w/half sandwich) - $8.59 - A light, flavorful chowder loaded with fresh corn right off the cob and sweet garden tomatoes. Contains bacon
Dairy Turkey Chili (w/half sandwich) - $7.99 - Served over rice. An interesting twist on a chili, made with ground turkey and a unique blend of non-traditional spices.
VegetableLow FatDairy Vegetable Jambalaya (w/half sandwich) - $7.79 - A vegetarian version of our Jambalaya, this one is loaded with rice, fresh vegetables and classic Cajun seasonings
Winter Chicken Soup (w/half sandwich) - $7.99 - Comforting winter vegetables and chicken enveloped in a rich herbed broth with a light touch of cream to warm your winter days.
Yucatan Chicken Lime and Orzo (w/half sandwich) - $7.79 - This is a light Mexican chicken soup made with tomatillos, white meat chicken , orzo and a touch of fresh lime.