Hale and Hearty Soup 49th & 7th We are currently closed, but you may order in advance.
September 1, 2014
Mon-Fri 10:30am-7:00pm
Saturday and Sunday Closed
TEL: (212) 221-9666
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Boston Shrimp Chowder (w/half sandwich) - $8.99 - This is a thick and creamy chowder loaded with diced potatoes and fresh shrimp.
VegetableLow FatDairy Campfire Vegetarian Chili (w/half sandwich) - $7.99 - Served over rice. This is a complex chili made with three different beans, meaty portobello mushrooms and aromatic chili spices.
Chicken and Corn Bisque (w/half sandwich) - $8.59 - One of our all time favorites! Using tons of sweet fresh corn right off the cobb, this creamy bisque is velvety and loaded with white meat chicken.
Dairy Chicken Chili (w/half sandwich) - $8.59 - Served over rice. An interesting twist on a chili. This one is made with ground chicken and a unique blend of non-traditional spices.
VegetableLow FatDairy Classic Lentil (w/half sandwich) - $7.79 - This is a simple classic vegetarian lentil soup. We simmer fresh vegetables and Spanish lentils until the flavors meld together.
Crab Bisque (w/half sandwich) - $8.99 - This is a classic creamy bisque with intense crab flavor.
VegetableLow FatDairy Roasted Tomato and Wild Mushroom (w/half sandwich) - $7.99 - We roast the mushrooms and plum tomatoes to intensify the natural flavors of the vegetables, then add lots of herbs and suspend them in a delicious tomato broth for a soup rich in flavor and color
Roman Tomato Sausage & Peppers (w/half sandwich) - $7.79 - Served over noodles. A soup version of this classic Italian combination of sweet sausage and peppers in a delightful tomato broth.
Southwest Chicken Cheddar (w/half sandwich) - $8.59 - A wonderful soup version of a Chicken Quesadilla. It is spicy, rich and loaded with white meat chicken, black beans, peppers and Cheddar Cheese.
Sweet Crab Chowder (w/half sandwich) - $8.99 - This is our version of a Maryland favorite- rich with sweet crab meat, sherry and mushrooms.
Tomato Cheddar (w/half sandwich) - $8.59 - This unique tomato soup is thick, slightly sweet and loaded with the finest aged Vermont Cheddar cheese. A Hale and Hearty favorite!
Vegetable Tortellini Florentine (w/half sandwich) - $7.99 - Three cheese tortellini simmered with baby spinach and sweet cherry tomatoes with a touch of garlic and cream.
Dairy Turkey Gumbo (w/half sandwich) - $7.99 - A different take on a New Orleans classic. This flavorful Cajun soup is loaded with traditional spices, fresh ground Turkey, and smoked Turkey sausage. Served over rice.
Gluten FreeVegetableLow FatDairy Vegetable, Kale & Wild Rice (w/half sandwich) - $7.09 - This vegetable soup is made with kale, chickpeas and wild rice.
VegetableLow FatDairy Wild Mushroom Barley (w/half sandwich) - $7.79 - A thick and comforting barley soup loaded with fresh wild mushrooms, peas and fresh dill.
Wild Mushroom Risotto (w/half sandwich) - $8.59 - This is a soup version of a great Italian dish. Wild mushrooms are undoubtedly the highlight, but the arborio rice and fresh parmesan cheese make this soup very comforting.