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October 21, 2014
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We offer an ever changing choice of Daily Specials. All soups come in three sizes: Small (8oz), Medium (12oz) and Large (16oz). Pricing depends on the soup selected. To see the price, click on the item.

All soups INCLUDE your choice of Crackers, Seven Grain or Sourdough bread.

The VLD designation indicates whether the soup is Vegetarian, Low Fat and/or Dairy Free. GF indicates that the soup is also Gluten Free.
Gluten FreeVegetableLow FatDairy Black Lentil with Tuscan Kale - Exotic black lentils and deliciously healthy Tuscan Kale are enhanced by a dash of balsamic vinegar in this vegetarian soup. Calories: Small 110, Medium 165, Large 220.
Gluten Free Cauliflower Cheddar - A creamy blend of fresh cauliflower and the finest aged Vermont Cheddar. Calories: Small 300, Medium 450, Large 600.
Gluten FreeLow Fat Chicken Marsala with Wild Mushrooms - This is a creative soup version of the classic Italian dish. Loaded with fresh mushrooms, white meat chicken and a touch of sweet marsala wine. Calories: Small 140, Medium 210, Large 280.
Gluten Free Cream of Chicken with Rice - This is a delicious creamy soup loaded with chunks of white meat chicken, rice, peas and fresh chives. Calories: Small 170, Medium 260, Large 340.
Creamy Tomato with Pasta & Meatballs - This creamy tomato soup with round pasta O's and mini meatballs will take you back to your childhood but leave a better taste in your mouth! Calories: Small 370, Medium 560, Large 740.
Gluten FreeVegetableLow FatDairy Curried Cauliflower, Chickpea & Tomato - This is a wonderfully aromatic vegetarian, dairy free, low fat soup with a unique blend of ingredients, flavors and Indian spices. Calories: Small 140, Medium 210, Large 280.
Gluten FreeVegetableLow FatDairy Fall Harvest Vegetable - A light and full flavored vegetable soup made with the best that late summer has to offer. Calories: Small 100, Medium 150, Large 200.
Gluten FreeVegetableLow FatDairy French Lentil with Garden Vegetables - A simple combination of lentils and gently simmered vegetables bathed in a tangy red pepper broth. This light and healthy soup is perfect for all seasons. Calories: Small 150, Medium 225, Large 300.
Gluten FreeVegetableDairy Ginger Butternut Squash - This soup blends the smoothness of butternut squash with the gentle heat of fresh ginger and sweet coconut milk. Calories: Small 210, Medium 320, Large 420.
New!Dairy Lentil with Italian Sausage & Escarole - A delightful lentil soup made with sweet Italian sausage and tender escarole. Calories: Small 120, Medium 180, Large 240.
Macaroni and Cheese with Beef - A rich and creamy soup version of a classic American dish. This soup is loaded with ground beef, macaroni and the finest aged Vermont cheddar. Calories: Small 410, Medium 620, Large 820.
Monthly SpecialsGluten Free New England Clam Chowder - Our version of this classic New England style chowder. It is thick and creamy, and loaded with diced potatoes and minced clams. Contains pancetta. Calories: Small 250, Medium 380, Large 500.
Monthly Specials Old Fashioned Chicken Dumpling - Our version of this classic pairing of chicken and dumplings. Calories: Small 180, Medium 270, Large 360.
Gluten Free Potato with Sweet Italian Sausage - A simple and wonderful combination of diced potatoes and sweet Italian sausage; this soup is thick and hearty. Calories: Small 180, Medium 270, Large 360.
Gluten FreeLow FatDairy Spicy Chicken and Chickpea - This exotic North African-spiced soup combines tender chicken with chickpeas, lentils, sweet potatoes and spices. Calories: Small 210, Medium 315, Large 420.
Gluten Free Winter Chicken Soup - Comforting winter vegetables and chicken enveloped in a rich herbed broth with a light touch of cream to warm your winter days. Calories: Small 160, Medium 240, Large 320.
Yucatan Chicken Lime and Orzo - This is a light Mexican chicken soup made with tomatillos, white meat chicken , orzo and a touch of fresh lime. Calories: Small 150, Medium 225, Large 300.

Small $3.49 Medium $4.79 Large $5.79 (Cream of Tomato Chicken & Orzo $4.59/$6.39/$7.39)

Each portion of soup includes your choice of bread or crackers.
Low FatDairy Chicken Vegetable with Couscous or Noodles - Hale & Hearty's most popular soup is loaded with white meat chicken and fresh vegetables. This chicken soup combines home made chicken broth with just the right amount of fresh dill. Calories: Small 80, Medium 120, Large 160.
Cream of Tomato with Chicken & Orzo - They don't come better than this! This wildly popular smooth and creamy tomato soup is loaded with white meat chicken, orzo and a touch of fresh basil. Calories: Small 240, Medium 360, Large 480.
Gluten FreeVegetableLow FatDairy Ten Vegetable - A thick, hearty tomato based soup loaded with fresh vegetables and herbs. Calories: Small 70, Medium 110, Large 140.
Gluten FreeVegetableLow FatDairy Three Lentil Chili - A complex, thick and rich blend of three different lentils, spices and vegetables. Calories: Small 160, Medium 240, Large 320.
Gluten FreeVegetableLow FatDairy Tomato Basil with Rice - This is an Italian style tomato soup that's loaded with the rice and fresh basil. Calories: Small 110, Medium 170, Large 220.
Gluten FreeVegetableLow FatDairy Tuscan White Bean - A wholesome combination of the finest Italian cannelini beans, spinach and vegetables. Calories: Small 190, Medium 290, Large 380.